Are you ready to get reengaged in your work?

70% of people are not engaged in or disengaged from their work?

Are you one of the 70%?

If not you, look to your left and right……Who do you know that is?

Take a Recess on September 20, 2010
and join Rich DiGirolamo, the RECESSitator 




Are you an entrepreneur, employee, manager, HR Professional, or leader who is feeling disengaged from your work or watching it happen to people around you?

  • Have you been looking for an opportunity to get back some of the excitement that you had in the early days?
  • Do you wish that at any given time you had a tool that would assist in reengaging you and/or your workforce?
  • Do you like pasta?


Congratulations! If you answered yes to any of the above get ready to take a Recess from feeling lost, confused, disillusioned, frustrated or anything similar? Play With Your Pasta is an opportunity for you to get yourself reengaged with your work and workplace.


  • A two hour opportunity to have some creative fun
  • A two-hour opportunity to give yourself and perhaps some peers some long overdue Professional Development
  • You’ll be the first to see a new Professional Development product offered by Recess At Work and will take home an actual prototype to keep you actively engaged in your business – whether you’re self-employed, employed by the man, or unemployed. In this session we’ll be looking at the work you do, why you do it, how you can best tap into your talents, and how you can reignite the excitement when it seems to wane
  • An opportunity to make your customer’s experience even better through an engaged self
  • An opportunity to network with new people
  • Oh and of course it’s a pasta luncheon (with salad)

Get it. Some time to Play and some time for Pasta…..Play with your Pasta!

When & Where:

  • September 20, 2010 @12:00 noon
  •  Junipers Restaurant, 1383 Whittemore Rd, Middlebury CT

Why should you attend?

  • You’ve lost the will to go on?
  • Your employer slashed their training budget and has done nothing to improve your skill set?
  • You’re an HR professional who is looking for low-cost, high value opportunities to bring some Professional Development into your company since the bean counters slashed your budget?
  • You need to laugh?
  • You’re an entrepreneur, direct selling person or anyone else in a commissioned position looking for some new ideas?
  • Your looking for new ideas how to build your career or business?
  • Your looking for a tool that will help you and/or your group get engaged/reengaged  in their work at any time? 
  • You’re hoping to find a new job?
  • You love pasta?
  • It’s only $49. (If you don’t have $49 to invest in you or your business you’re in deeper trouble than you think.)

Ready for Recess? Ready to Play with your Pasta? Register Now!


Money back guarantee. If within 30 days you have not been able to implement one action step offered to you at Play With Your Pasta your money will be refunded.

Got questions? Contact Rich DiGirolamo

Don’t got questions? Then click here to register silly!

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