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Why are kids given recess? To get re-energized To learn how to play nice To offer an opportunity for imagination, exploration and mind wandering Well guess what….adults could use a little bit of that too. And that’s why I’ve developed my program RECESS. IT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS! So if your organization can benefit from […]

9/16 is the 3rd Thursday. Time to RECESSitate

In my blog post of June 17th I tossed out the following challenge to you: How about setting aside the 3rd Thursday of every month to take a 30 – 60 minute Recess with your team, group, department or company? Take it as an opportunity to share successes, build stronger relationships, get everyone involved in […]

2 very important definitions all organizations should know

Recess: A temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit. RECESSitation: is to take a break from the norm and undergo a period of learning, recharging and celebrating accomplishments. The next 30 days include RECESSitations with a career counseling firm, parks & recreation, assisted living, and a home care group.  I’ll bet you know […]

DNR: Do Not RECESSitate. Kill Engaged Workforce.

I hope you haven’t experienced this but if you’ve been to a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility you may have seen a sign above the bed: DNR – Do Not Resuscitate. One definition of the word resuscitate is to make active or vigorous again. I like that. A lot. I think organizations are guilty of […]

R = EE = EC = $$

Today I introduce to you the Recess Formula for Business Success. It’s a pretty simple formula and it will be easy to remember. R = EE = EC = $$ Where R stands for Recess; EE is an engaged employee; EC is an engaged customer; and I’ll assume that you know what the $$ equals. […]

On your mark! Get set! Recess!!

A: They all recognize that to keep employees engaged, increase morale and create great customer experiences they needed to give their employees a Recess. On June 17th many of you celebrated Recess At Work Day. Some organizations used it as an opportunity for fun and games; others used it as an opportunity to learn! On […]

Recess At Work should remind us to thank others

So how cool is this! I opened up my mail yesterday and found these……………Gifts from the folks at Taconic DDSO. They wanted me to be a part of their Recess At Work Day celebration. And check out the rubber duckie with a beanie cap! You know that’s my favorite. But here’s a question………….what are you […]

Thanks for a fun Recess!

Hi Kids! What can I say. You called. You tweeted. You emailed. But most importantly……………….. You Recessed!!! I know the day was valuable and I know your employer is seeing the benefits of it today. So congratulations to those organizations who took the day as an opportunity to recognize the great people who work for you.  Make […]


HAPPY RECESS AT WORK DAY  It’s a day to take a break from the norm. A day to take a break from: Low employee morale Decreasing employee engagement Lacking creativity and innovation Employee turnover issues Decreasing customer base Today is the day to rejuvenate, recharge and reignite your organization. While some organizations will use the day as an opportunity for […]

It’s Not Too Late. Convince the CEO to allow Recess tomorrow!

So tomorrow is Recess At Work Day and I know that some of you are still trying to figure out how to convince the boss to allow you to take a Recess. Perhaps this will help……………… Share this:

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