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Blogging causes us stress

We’re taking a permanent Recess from Blogging. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Share this:

Tomorrow is Recess At Work!

Tomorrow is Recess At Work Day! Are you participating? Will it be a day with some added fun? Some fun learning? A opportunity to recharge? To celebrate? It’s not too late to put together a fun recognition event……Read all about it here and get your FREE easy instructions Share this:

I suggest a Recess to generate new ideas. He suggests an Excursion.

Today’s blog post is from my friend Russ Schoen – a master in creativity. I met Russ at a conference last year and love his thinking. Thought I would have him share some with you today.   Why an excursion will help your team generate 50% more ideas? (and have more fun doing it!) Take a few […]

RECESS AT WORK is a philosophy

What’s the best way to improve morale, engagement and productivity in your workplace? Here’s one way: And here’s another: Incorporate a RECESS AT WORK Philosophy into your long-term employee related initiatives. So what is RECESS AT WORK The chart below shows the impact of putting a long term/consistent strategy of Recess At Work – TO WORK! It’s […]

So what’s in the RECESS AT WORK SYSTEM?

Yesterday I excitedly shared with you about the launch of the RECESS AT WORK IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM. Today I give you some insight into what’s included. As I mentioned the system includes12 Opportunities for you to RECESSitate your organization before you need to Resuscitate it. And here’s a glimpse into the twelve. Now it’s just a […]


June 16th is Recess At Work Day!   Do you have your RECESS AT WORK IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM?    Since its inception in 2004 the 3rd Thursday in June has been designated as Recess At Work Day. Acknowledged by Chase’s Calendar of Events (the Official Bible of Unofficial Holidays) and worldwide media, Recess at Work Day […]

What would your company snowman look like?

Mine would obviously be wearing an Is It Recess Yet propeller beanie. He might have a purple scarf. I’d use candy for the face. Perhaps New Orleans beads around his neck. It would be representative of me and my business. But it gets me wondering………… Would a transportation company snowman be wearing a uniform? Would a […]

Win Prizes: Did you hear about the Weekly Recess Giveaway

Yes, it’s true, once per week we’re giving away a prize. It might be an Is It Recess Yet Beanie It might be a RECESSitation Pack It might be a set of Meeting PLAYce Mats It might be a free Motivational Recess for your group from the RECESSitator himself…Rich DiGirolamo It might be something else […]

RECESS AT WORK is about engaging people in their work

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Is it time to RECESSitate your group with some fun and purposeful learning?

It’s Coming……….. Any day now…….. With a great offer for you! So if your training budget has been the victim of those Finance People, we’ve got a solution to make them happy. It will also teach them and the rest of your organization how to be more creative, use people’s talents in new ways, and […]

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