Recess At Work Day: An opportunity to show employees they matter

Don’t let the name fool you……… Recess At Work Day is not about running around the company parking lot or hallways like a kid; although some large organizations have chosen to celebrate the annual event just that way. Recess At Work offers organizations so much more. As Rich DiGirolamo, Founder of Recess At Work Day […]

What would your company snowman look like?

Mine would obviously be wearing an Is It Recess Yet propeller beanie. He might have a purple scarf. I’d use candy for the face. Perhaps New Orleans beads around his neck. It would be representative of me and my business. But it gets me wondering………… Would a transportation company snowman be wearing a uniform? Would a […]

Take a Recess from Regifting…Start a Regift Chain

Have you ever re-gifted? Have you ever thought that you were given a re-gift? Have you lived with the anxiety of will I be found out or I hope this re-gift wasn’t given to me from this person? Have you opened a gift and felt like you were not important thus the re-gift? To me […]

Win Prizes: Did you hear about the Weekly Recess Giveaway

Yes, it’s true, once per week we’re giving away a prize. It might be an Is It Recess Yet Beanie It might be a RECESSitation Pack It might be a set of Meeting PLAYce Mats It might be a free Motivational Recess for your group from the RECESSitator himself…Rich DiGirolamo It might be something else […]

RECESS AT WORK is about engaging people in their work

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Is it time to RECESSitate your group with some fun and purposeful learning?

It’s Coming……….. Any day now…….. With a great offer for you! So if your training budget has been the victim of those Finance People, we’ve got a solution to make them happy. It will also teach them and the rest of your organization how to be more creative, use people’s talents in new ways, and […]


Why are kids given recess? To get re-energized To learn how to play nice To offer an opportunity for imagination, exploration and mind wandering Well guess what….adults could use a little bit of that too. And that’s why I’ve developed my program RECESS. IT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS! So if your organization can benefit from […]

9/16 is the 3rd Thursday. Time to RECESSitate

In my blog post of June 17th I tossed out the following challenge to you: How about setting aside the 3rd Thursday of every month to take a 30 – 60 minute Recess with your team, group, department or company? Take it as an opportunity to share successes, build stronger relationships, get everyone involved in […]

2 very important definitions all organizations should know

Recess: A temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit. RECESSitation: is to take a break from the norm and undergo a period of learning, recharging and celebrating accomplishments. The next 30 days include RECESSitations with a career counseling firm, parks & recreation, assisted living, and a home care group.  I’ll bet you know […]

DNR: Do Not RECESSitate. Kill Engaged Workforce.

I hope you haven’t experienced this but if you’ve been to a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility you may have seen a sign above the bed: DNR – Do Not Resuscitate. One definition of the word resuscitate is to make active or vigorous again. I like that. A lot. I think organizations are guilty of […]

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