Recess At What Day?

What is this nonsense?

It has been proven that breaks are essential for satisfaction and alertness. Brain processing requires downtime to recycle chemicals crucial for long-term memory loss. Now if that scientific explanation gave you a headache, try this…..

Reasons to celebrate Recess At Work Day

  • Stress Management
  • So others will like you
  • Employee Retention – what does a new hire cost you?
  • Your current products and services suck need some improvement.
  • Employee Morale can always be improved
  • Your customers deserve a fun experience.
  • In case your head is stuck in the sand, employee engagement & health and wellness are hot topics – Recess is an integral part of such an initiative
  • Increased Productivity
  • An opportunity to celebrate success
  • Your bottom line just might soar
  • Any size organization can do this; you need little or no budget – of course the more you spend the more you’ll be liked

Past Recess At Work Day participants have included:

  • The Legal Dept at McDonald’s stumbled across Recess At Work Day and got so excited that they invited Rich to come play with them 2 months earlier – in April. Hey, what the heck. Any day is a good day to take Recess in the name of engagement, morale and wanting to recognize and say thank you to the people who drive your business.
  • Recess at Covidien! They went all out…………..Hats and Shirts for all. They even did one of those corporate studies to assess the value. Wanna know what they found out? Get in touch.
  • “Everyone in here is a hard worker. It is really cool to stop like this and get really silly.” – Robert Floyd,  Director HR, Community Options
  • “Recess at Work Day was a complete success! We are planning to make it an annual event and I heard a “rumor” that we might have one in the fall! And who said you can’t have a company picnic in Central Park?”  – Stephanie Sage of Sargoy, Stein, Rosen & Shapiro
  • The Town of Newington, CT Park and Rec department went out to play some Bocce.
  • The Hartford Hospital Respiratory Care Department had a lot of fun jumping rope, hula-hooping and tossing a Frisbee. They have participated in Recess At Work Day since its inception.
  • Charley Hannagan of The Syracuse Post-Standard was playing in the center of town. — “I went out  to the Clinton Square fountain here in Syracuse and threw a tennis ball around with a friendly editor.”
  • A unit of GE Capitalused Recess At Work Day to do some teambuilding.
  • The cafeteria staff at the Waterbury Magnet Arts School made front page of their local newspaper
Check out the In The News link. But in the meantime… are some of their comments:
– “I have not had recess in over 20 years I felt like a kid again.”

– ” The recess at work was lots of fun. We should do recess again  some day soon before the end of orientation, but this time the managers need to play too.”

“I also enjoyed the recess we had outside, although I wish it was just a tad bit cooler.” — Elise… how much money did you want to keep those Hoola Hoop pictures under wrap?
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