What are the rules for Recess At Work?

There are none! It’s that simple.

Recess is defined as a break from the norm; the temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement occupation or pursuit. It says nothing about running amok. It also says nothing about stopping people from running amok.

Recess At Work Day is an opportunity; an opportunity to create team spirit; to build a better organization; to celebrate; to train; to laugh; to run around like kids; to communicate; to improve employee morale and engagement; to recharge and so much more. It should be part of your health and wellness initiatives. It should be part of your engagement initiatives. It should be part of your customer focus.

What you do on June 16th is totally up to you………….provided it is not the norm. It can be for 30 minutes or for 3 hours; there are no rules. I have offered some ideas on the home page. Or you can see and read what others have done by spending time perusing this site. One of the reasons I created the Recess At Work System as well as the RECESSitation Pack was for organizations to challenge themselves to put employee development at the top of the priority list. In the grand scheme of things these are low cost training opportunities that have purpose, are fun and can bring employees together to build a better organization. Imagine a regular Recess that drives productivity, teamwork, and profits! How’s that for ROI?

People spend the majority of their time at their places of work; I just think you can make it better while they are there. It is my hope that Recess At Work Day does that for you this year. Let June 16th be the beginning of a commitment.

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