Back to work? Recess At Work Day is over? Waaaah!

Well yesterday was Recess At Work Day. The excitement and enthusiasm over on Twitter was loads of fun to watch; it was even more fun interacting with people during the day.

But now what? Back to work? Back to the same old?

If you took some time to laugh and play with your colleagues good for you? Hopefully you saw the benefits. But Recess At Work Day is about so much more than play; it’s about creating a work culture that encourages a fun environment on an ongoing basis; a fun environment that leads to creativity, innovation, higher morale, increased engagement and improved employee wellness.

So don’t let it stop.

Now that doesn’t mean it has to be a day of playground antics all the time. Learning can be fun. Recognition can be fun. Creativity sessions can be tons of fun. My challenge to you while you’re still in the Recess At Work spirit is to check off the 3rd Thursday of every month and use it as an opportunity to continue making your organization even greater. Check out the RECESS AT WORK SYSTEM which includes 12 fun Recesses with the sole purpose of keeping people productive, happy and growing your business. Activities that can be done in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Activities that don’t require a whole lot of planning (well most); but deliver a lot of punch. (and don’t forget to serve some punch. Food is always good when it comes to learning.)

Keep the spirit alive and I believe on RECESS AT WORK DAY 2012 (June 21st) you’ll have a lot to celebrate!

Rich DiGirolamo
Founder, Recess At Work Day

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