Monthly Archives: June 2011

Back to work? Recess At Work Day is over? Waaaah!

Well yesterday was Recess At Work Day. The excitement and enthusiasm over on Twitter was loads of fun to watch; it was even more fun interacting with people during the day. But now what? Back to work? Back to the same old? If you took some time to laugh and play with your colleagues good […]

Tomorrow is Recess At Work!

Tomorrow is Recess At Work Day! Are you participating? Will it be a day with some added fun? Some fun learning? A opportunity to recharge? To celebrate? It’s not too late to put together a fun recognition event……Read all about it here and get your FREE easy instructions Share this:

What are the rules for Recess At Work?

There are none! It’s that simple. Recess is defined as a break from the norm; the temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement occupation or pursuit. It says nothing about running amok. It also says nothing about stopping people from running amok. Recess At Work Day is an opportunity; an opportunity to create […]

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