RECESS AT WORK is a philosophy

What’s the best way to improve morale, engagement and productivity in your workplace?

Here’s one way:

And here’s another:

Incorporate a RECESS AT WORK Philosophy into your long-term employee related initiatives.


The chart below shows the impact of putting a long term/consistent strategy of Recess At Work – TO WORK!

  • It’s a commitment
  • It’s an understanding that organizations have limited potential when the people who keep those organizations moving don’t have opportunities to learn, recharge and celebrate
  • It’s recognizing that one time employee related events are only band-aids; but consistent commitments over time lead to improved morale, engagement and productivity.

And the RECESS AT WORK System is one way of assuring that happens. The system offers 12 opportunities to increase morale, engagement, and productivity that don’t take a lot of time, planning, thinking or money. And whether you take a monthly or quarterly approach these 12 opportunities will keep people smiling, laughing, creating, innovating and working better together so that when the CEO does go on vacation she or he will be missed.

Order yours today and take advantage of 20% savings before the May 13th price increase!

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