Free Beanie Cap Contest: Seriously, who most needs a Recess in your office?

With Recess At Work Day just one month away, we’re having a contest!

And we’re giving away a free Recess At Work Beanie!

So here’s how the contest works……….

Every office has one; that one person who seriously needs to lighten up; the one who walks around uptight all the time; hardly smiles; takes things way too serious; looking as if he or she is about to come unglued when the slightest setback occurs. Well here’s your chance to show that person that you care, want them to take better care of themselves and to put a smile on their face. Or be the catalyst that unglues them.

What you need to do:

  1. Secretly (or not) nominate that person in your office who needs a Recess.
  2. Tell us in 150 – 250 words why this person needs the Is It Recess Yet beanie. Yep, we want the dirt. Or the sob story. Or maybe you have a genuine workaholic and you’re concerned they may just drop dead at 4:59PM causing you to have to stay late and wait for paramedics.
  3. email your entry to Rich DiGirolamo, THE RECESSITATOR by 5:00PM EST Wednesday May 25th.
  4. If your entry is chosen by our RECESSitation Panel (a group of people who want to go have a cocktail with Rich and laugh) we’ll send the hat off to the winner hoping to brighten their day. The winner will be notified on June 1, 2011.
  5. Please be certain your name and contact information accompanies your entry and we will be verifying if this is a real employee. Don’t be a cheater or cheapskate just to get the hat. Buy one if that is the case.



Someone in your office might be the proud winner of this!


Well that’s it! Get nominating, writing and submitting.

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