Recess At Work Day: An opportunity to show employees they matter

Don’t let the name fool you………

Recess At Work Day is not about running around the company parking lot or hallways like a kid; although some large organizations have chosen to celebrate the annual event just that way. Recess At Work offers organizations so much more. As Rich DiGirolamo, Founder of Recess At Work Day states, it’s a chance to RECESSitate your organization.

RECESSitate: undergo a period of learning, recharging and celebrating.

So given that definition here are three ways to celebrate RECESS AT WORK DAY 2011 (June 16th). Choose the one that best fits your organization.

  1. LEARN: When was the last time you offered your team some professional development? Take today as an opportunity for a fun team building activity or training. This can be big or small. It can be done by people from inside or outside your company. You decide. Need help or an idea? Check out the Recess At Work RECESSitation Pack – a great Do-It-Yourself system to train, engage and so much more.  
  2. RECHARGE: Some time outdoors playing some good ole fashioned schoolyard games might be just what the CEO ordered and can easily be turned into a discussion about teamwork and communication. Not only has it been a heck of a lot of fun for companies like WorkSafeBC and Iroquois Pipeline, Covidien was able to measure the translated productivity and morale benefits.
  3. CELEBRATE: When was the last time you celebrated an organizational success, some individual or team successes, or the completion of a big project? Recess At Work Day is a great opp to set aside some time today and make it great. Recently Rich spent some time celebrating with a 44 facility health care organization that had just come through a very stressful period. The CEO knew the importance of taking some time to celebrate and the employees were most appreciative. Didn’t require raises or increased benefits. A small amount of money for a celebration showed the team they’re important.

Your #1 asset is your people. June 16th is your chance to join an annual worldwide event and show them they are important. It’s almost time for Recess.

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