Take a Recess from Regifting…Start a Regift Chain

Have you ever re-gifted? Have you ever thought that you were given a re-gift? Have you lived with the anxiety of will I be found out or I hope this re-gift wasn’t given to me from this person? Have you opened a gift and felt like you were not important thus the re-gift?

To me a re-gift is one of those things I’m excited about when I open (for about 30 seconds as I imagine myself using it somewhere, sometime or someplace I will never go or be) and then realize I’m going to use it once and that will be it.

Yesterday I received a re gift. How do I know it was a re-gift? Easy; the person told me in the card that came along with it. I smiled and laughed the rest of the afternoon.

You see, it was the card that mattered more to me; the fact that someone took the time to write a personal note; not email me or tweet me or put something on my facebook wall for 567 people to read.

I’m a big fan of personal notes; I believe they still matter and set you apart. I’m also a big fan of getting rid of clutter. I send people books I have read that I think might be of interest to them. I send people crayons, markers, stickers and whatever else might put a smile on their face. I send them to clients, friends, or whomever might be on my mind at that moment. When I’m staring at an item that needs to be filed/put away I ask myself…….

Do I need this; or is this an opportunity to say hi and put a smile on the face of someone else?

Years ago my circle of friends kept “re-gifting” a bottle of Manischewitz Loganberry wine. It went from one friend to another whenever we got together. No one ever opened the bottle. Finally I gave it away as a prize and got it out of my circle. Honest truth…..it came back to my house a year later. There is no way that 2 people would buy that wine? Or is there?

So today I offer you the regift chain idea. Here’s all you do:

  • Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with one person this month
  • Send them a handwritten note just saying hi or Happy New Year or whatever. It should not be a seasonal card from the store but more of one of those “Just Because” cards. Or use your own personal note cards.
  • Grab that item that you received as a re-gift/or give something away to start your chain
  • Include a  sheet of paper that reads at the top “It’s the note that counts; not the gift. Yes, this is a re-gift. Keep it or add your name to the list and send the gift along the next time you’re thinking of someone you want to make smile today.” So for example mine will have Dani’s name on line one and my name on line 2. 

Take a Recess from Re-gifting….Start a Re-gift Chain. Better yet…….Start Re-Connecting!

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