R = EE = EC = $$

Today I introduce to you the Recess Formula for Business Success. It’s a pretty simple formula and it will be easy to remember.

R = EE = EC = $$

Where R stands for Recess; EE is an engaged employee; EC is an engaged customer; and I’ll assume that you know what the $$ equals.

Here’s how it works:

Give your employees a Recess (R) ;a break from the customary normal routine. Give them a chance to learn, to think, to play, to innovate, to rejuvenate and wind down. Do this regularly. What you’ll get is an engaged employee (EE).

Engaged employees come up with new ideas, are better team members and provide customer experiences beyond your expectations. And you know what that leads to……………………… an engaged customer (EC).

Engaged customers are fans. They come back. They look for more. They think of you first. You are on their mind. Engage your customers and you increase your bottom line ($$)

But it’s got to start with the employee. It’s gotta start with taking care of your employees. Take care of your employees today; take a recess today in the name of engagement – in the name of profitability.




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