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Recess At Work should remind us to thank others

So how cool is this! I opened up my mail yesterday and found these……………Gifts from the folks at Taconic DDSO. They wanted me to be a part of their Recess At Work Day celebration. And check out the rubber duckie with a beanie cap! You know that’s my favorite. But here’s a question………….what are you […]

Thanks for a fun Recess!

Hi Kids! What can I say. You called. You tweeted. You emailed. But most importantly……………….. You Recessed!!! I know the day was valuable and I know your employer is seeing the benefits of it today. So congratulations to those organizations who took the day as an opportunity to recognize the great people who work for you.  Make […]


HAPPY RECESS AT WORK DAY  It’s a day to take a break from the norm. A day to take a break from: Low employee morale Decreasing employee engagement Lacking creativity and innovation Employee turnover issues Decreasing customer base Today is the day to rejuvenate, recharge and reignite your organization. While some organizations will use the day as an opportunity for […]

It’s Not Too Late. Convince the CEO to allow Recess tomorrow!

So tomorrow is Recess At Work Day and I know that some of you are still trying to figure out how to convince the boss to allow you to take a Recess. Perhaps this will help……………… Share this:

Recess for Human Resource Peeps tonight

I’m getting ready to head out to talk to the New Haven CT chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (aka SHRM) in a little while. On the agenda tonight…….Recess: It’s Not Just For Kids. I’m excited because more and more business leaders are starting to “get it”……….that employees need some time to recharge. That […]

Need an idea for a last minute Recess At Work Day

Plan A Last Minute Recess Any Day Gather 2 or more people Grab the nearest company policy manual Re-write your “favorite” policy in some sort of language that makes sense (remove all the corporate speak; the vague words; the platitudes) Write your interpetation of that policy Issue the new policy to people with a sense […]

Alaska is in for Recess At Work Day this year!

Well according to my sources at Alaska Air in Juneau……………………… Milk & Cookies, bubbles, chalk and a whole bunch of other fun are in store for Recess At Work Day this year. Engagement, morale and fun are on the flight maps as well this year. We can’t wait to see the pictures Kristina! Maybe Sarah […]

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