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And the pics are coming in from Recess At Work Day 2009

The “kids” in Mechanicsburg PA blowing up balloons. But where is the water? Way to go Community Options. Costumes. Cake. Love it! And it looks as if the folks at Reside LLC in Minneapolis took a recess as well. Check out their celebration at: Share this:

How We Spent Our Recess At Work Day,,,,,

Where else can you visit with the paparazzi, a prom queen, a pretty princess, pippi longstocking, eat with someone who almost drowned in the ocean, someone who rode a horse across the Golden Gate Bridge, someone who was on TV with Richard Simmons, or someone who saved a duck from an alligator? Or see a […]

It’s Recess At Work Day!!!

HAPPY Well Recess At Work Day plans here in the Northeast have been postponed by Mother Nature. We are in day 40 of rain. So here I am sitting in my office deciding what to do for Recess now that my visits to clients have been derailed. And then I came up with an idea……………………. […]

Tomorrow is Recess At Work Day!

But if you happen to be in CT today………………… this could be your lucky afternoon. I’ve got a Free “Is It Recess Yet?” beanie cap & T-shirt to 1st person to find me at Barnes & Noble Waterbury CT 3:00PM. In the meantime don’t forget to check out the Recess At Work Day website. […]

Add Humana to the list

Yep, just heard that Management at one of Humana’s facilities in WI has invited all to come down for a Recess At Work Day celebration. They’re holding it on Friday instead. Who cares! Any day is good for a recess that increases morale, engagement, and wellness. I tip my beanie cap to the management team […]

For Immediate Release Wolcott, CT June 10, 2009 Contact: Rich DiGirolamo 203.879.5970 Want to Increase Employee Morale and Engage Employees? Think About Taking a Recess on June 18th Healthier employees perform better, innovate better, and work better as a team. June 18th is an opportunity for employees and employers to take a break from […]

Take a Recess from That Old Way of Meeting

Last week Wendy from Community Options in Montrose, CO called me. They were planning their 3rd Recess At Work Day and decided to add some fun to their team meeting next Thursday. And what better way….. using The Meeting Playce Mat (TM). I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun. It will probably be one […]

A couple of quick Recess At Work Day Ideas

Still not sure how to spend Recess At Work Day? How about doing a good deed? Perhaps take your team and do something for your community. Contact a local Parks & Recreation Department and see if you can help with a clean up; plant a garden or tree. Or perhaps visit a local youth services […]

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