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Still More Pics! More Fun! More Recess!!

In between the picnic, here is what the kids at Iroquois Pipeline did for Recess! Way to go Karin and crew. Share this:

More Pics. More Fun. Recess At Work Day!!

Recess At Work Day went international – Canada this year!!! Here is the gang at WorkSafeBC taking time out to pose for their Recess picture. Can you guess who Kymm is? Check out June 20th post below to see what all the costumes are all about. Click on the picture to make it bigger. I […]

More Pics. More Fun. Recess At Work Day!!

Here’s what Linnea from Training Resources of America had to say: “I held recess at work and am attaching the pictures. We had to have indoor recess because of the rain but everyone got time away from their desks and computers to just relax and enjoy each other. I did give out funky pens and […]

Was Your Recess a Success?

Here’s what the kids at Community Options did; 2nd year for them. And read below what they had to say. Canoe key pace he grit? Community Options had our 2nd annual recess at work day. We had a fantastic time. We began by walking down the hall a la Monty Python and the Ministry of […]

Happy Recess At Work Day!

Today’s the day; to take a Recess in the name of Employe Wellness. Make it fun. Make it simple. Make it productive. And if you’re still trying to convince the boss………………find out what CNN, 1800Mattress and Recess At Work Day all have in common? Read this article right now. It’s not too late to celebrate. […]

OMG, Tomorrow is Recess!

Adding to the list of people who are going to take a recess tomorrow……………… Ashley and Lisa at the world’s only Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. I spent some time chatting with them yesterday on my visit and they loved the idea of Recess At Work. As a matter of fact, so many people stopped […]

Employee Morale Up, Health Insurance Down.

It’s really very simple…………….Your Employer wants to control health care costs. Your employer wants to increase morale around the office. Wellness is the answer. According to a recent Health Care Cost Survey by Towers Perrin, companies that actively manage employee health and medical program performance “will see annual per-employee costs of about $1,500 less than […]

It’s Not Too Late To Invite Splenda to Recess

She’s the perfect addition to any Recess. She’s Splenda! So if you’re in CT, and looking to spice up your Recess At Work Day, check out her website. She’s a hoot – or at least a hooter. Share this:

Recess is alive and well in Cleveland!

Rich is appearing on WNCX Radio (98.5), Cleveland – Monday morning June 16th to talk about Recess At Work Day! Make sure you’re listening around 9:15am! Share this:

How about a Hall of Fame Recess!

Do you live in Springfield, MA, home of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Maybe Recess at Work Day is your opportunity to shoot some hoops with your co-workers? Do you live in or near Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maybe Recess at Work Day is your opportunity to swing a bat […]

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