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Want Some Publicity For Your Company

Is your company taking part in Recess At Work Day? Let me know. I’ll do my best to get the media to come talk to you! Click here to email me; let me know your plans and I’ll let the media know what you have in store! 19 more days!!!! Share this:

Recess in South Dakota!

Yep, that’s where I’ll be this year for Recess At Work Day; in and around Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, and Deadwood. So if you or some organization you know plans on being a part of Recess At Work Day; and you’re in one of the areas mentioned above, let me know, I’d love to stop […]

Kim & Jason say take a Recess!

Every so often you connect with people. Last year while attending the National Speakers Association annual convention I had one of those connections with two great Kids – Kim & Jason. Now in addition to being “a few years” younger than me, they are kids at heart. We share much of the same passions and […]

Do you have your Recess T-shirts!

Celebrate Recess At Work Day in style with this great high-quality cotton T-shirt. Click here Get one. Get two. Get everyone in your office one today! Share this:

Recess Really Is For Adults!

So you’re on the fence. Should we organize Recess At Work? Will it be beneficial? Will it have an adverse impact? Listen, any time you can do something that increases morale and bring people together is a good thing; a darn good thing. And if you need proof about the importance of Recess for Adults, […]

Is Your State Committed………

So far I know we’ll have Recess going on in the following states on June 19th: New York Connecticut Colorado Florida Texas Michigan Ohio South Dakota Any one else got recess plans? Share this:

Announcing Recess………………..

Visit the RECESS AT WORK DAY website Share this:

Why Recess?

So people are asking me Why Recess? My response to them is a simple two words………….. Why Not? After all, you work hard and deserve a break every so often. After all, your organization is probably spending manpower trying to figure out how to get employees more engaged and healthier. After all, healthy more engaged […]

What are your plans for Recess At Work Day?

Post them here! And don’t forget to spread the word to everyone you know. June 19th is Recess At Work Day! Share this:

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