When was the last time you took a Recess At Work?


June 18th is your chance! It’s Recess At Work Day!!

It’s a day to become that playful company you think you are

It’s a day to create

It’s a day to learn

It’s a day to celebrate success and accomplishment

And whether you want it to be a day of fun, training, or idea generation we’ve got you covered with ideas throughout this website and well as the NEW 





So on June 18th why not take a recess from:

  • Low employee morale
  • Decreasing employee engagement
  • Lacking creativity and innovation
  • Employee turnover issues
  • Customers going elsewhere

Cease from the day-to-day routine for just a bit. Take the opportunity to talk, learn, or engage in productive play. It’s all good.

  • Call it Team Building.
  • Call it Employee Morale.
  • Celebrate a team/organization success
  • Just make sure you call it fun.

Recess At Work is your opportunity to create team spirit, engage employees, increase morale, improve health and wellness and share your fun side with the people you spend the majority of your life with. It’s a opportunity to start thinking about new and innovative products and services; perhaps about offering your employees a fun experience that they can turn into a great customer experience.


We are the Original Recess At Work!

Don’t let the others fool you.


This Ain’t Your Kids Recess!

Recess is defined as a temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit. Now while any day is a good day to take a break from the norm….Today is the day the whole world should take one together.

So whether you’re a big business or a small business; an entrepreneur or a student…….get out there today. For all you educators, do your part to tackle the Youth Obesity Epidemic plaguing our planet. Here is an opportunity for you and the students to become a bit more active and healthy.


Oh no, we didn’t know about this early enough!!

No need to worry. Even if it’s June 18th there’s still time to plan one of these:

  • Organize a fun communications activity. You can find free ones all over the internet. We all know that communication in business could always improve.
  • Engage in a creativity exercise to launch that next product or service
  • Create a company time capsule
  • Organize some fun learning/training (this can be as cheap as having a member of your team share some knowledge or bringing in a professional to develop your group.)
  • Do some volunteer/community work
  • Engage your group in a fun team building event
  • Take some time today to start learning a foreign language with your co-workers. (You’ll be ready to transfer when your job is outsourced)
  • Have you ordered your RECESS AT WORK Training System? A fun system to engage and train your team and measure your Recess ROI.

Now if your company leaders are a bit more edgy and fun:

  • You could always exercise as a group
  • Take some time and re-write a ridiculous policy or two from the employee handbook/website. Remove the jargon and corporate speak and interpret what is really meant – or your interpretation. Only share it with fun people.
  • An ice cream social might be just what the team needs
  • Play some good old outdoor games like tag, jump rope, or Frisbee. Amazing what a good game of follow the leader might teach you about your coworkers
  • Take that team meeting to a coffee shop, amusement park or the beach
  • Visit a local park. Play a little, and brainstorm a lot; that next big idea might occur during recess

The possibilities are endless. Need more ideas? Check out 50 Ways To Have Fun at Work, Improve Employee Morale and Hopefully Not Get Fired.

Here is your mission:

Take some time on June 18, 2015 to RECESSitate your organization.

RECESSitate: to undergo a period of learning, recharging, celebrating and/or unlocking new ideas

Rich DiGirolamo, Founder, Recess At Work Day

Rich DiGirolamo, Founder, Recess At Work Day

Rich DiGirolamo, Founder of Recess at Work (http://richdigirolamo.com & http://recessatworkday.com) believes that to keep people engaged loyal and productive you need to create a work environment that is fun. But having fun at work and being a fun place to work are two very different things. He shares this with his clients and works with organizations that are committed to creating a work environment that fosters creativity, originality, productivity and has people showing up “IN” their work, not to work.

However, holding a Recess At Work is only the start. Employers and Employees need to make a longer-term commitment to looking at the issue of employee engagement, morale, health and wellness and how it ultimately impacts productivity and the bottom line – keeping customers engaged.


Our execs don’t see the value and won’t let us play:

What!?!? Your boss won’t let you participate in Recess At Work? Or maybe you are the shy, bashful type and do not know how to suggest participation in this great event? Let us know. We’ll call him/her and be annoying. We know that the last words they want to hear are hopscotch and jump rope. But words like employee morale, employee retention and productivity will get their attention. Free and no cost also usually perk up the ears of some cost conscious employers.

So email their name, email address and phone number to The RECESSitator, Rich DiGirolamo. We promise not to reveal our source. Cross our heart and hope to die. Or just tell the boss they need a course in how fun and games make everyone happier.

Or read this blog entry to be better prepared on how to present the idea.

Do you need more information?

We thought this was a no-brainer!!!! You can work or build morale for one half hour and get paid either way? But just in case you’re still not sure of the benefits………………….. Click here!

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